If you are already using checking software, the combi-service module is the solution for you.


Our "combi-service module" includes:

o   Bolting ECC's checking software onto existing computer-based search programmes.

o   Evaluation of suspect cases and hits by specialised lawyers with over 20 years’ experience in the field of export controls.

o   Professional advice on how to optimise all business processes relating to domestic, European and international movements of goods.

o   The legally binding safe-guarding of a company's business processes with regard to checking the addresses of all business contacts.


o   Short Description:

§  Hit evaluation by ECC

§  Establishment of measures via ECC

·         Suspension of deliveries

·         Detailed checking

·         Obtaining official release certificates (if required)

§  Reporting to clients


Our "combi service" compliance module is the right module for companies, that:


  • have already integrated sanctions checking within their systems by means of a computerised solution
  • do not want to change their sanctions lists checking provider
  • want to use a wider "full service model" than they did previously
  • want to integrate national and international subsidiaries within a single compliance safe-guarding system
  • want to build a global compliance safe-guarding system