The positions taken by well-known companies in the national and international trade arena are attracting ever greater scrutiny from authorities and "enlightened" consumers. Failings by companies – in all kinds of areas – are exploited by internationally active media groups and can lead to massive collapses in sales and losses in value due to negative reactions on national and international stock exchanges.


Our "compliance module" includes:

o   Advice from specialist partner companies

o   Safe-guarding in relation to national, European and international compliance requirements

o   Advice from experts, specialised in compliance audits and compliance consultancy

o   Specially designed compliance solutions in accordance with customer needs and wishes.


o   Short Description:

§  Ensuring proper correct legal compliance across the company

§  Specially designed compliance solutions


Our "compliance module" is the right module for companies, that:


  • need to be able to rely on secure legal compliance within the company
  • need to protect their brand and their name in national and international markets
  • depend on their brand and their name in national and international markets.